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Think about this post as a four year and a half ellipsis. Many things happened. Huge things. Mostly nice things*. Thanks to the Carl Brandon Society, I attended Clarion West on 2019 and it changed my life because I found a loving family , and I got to be part of an amazing community. I'm writing again. I'm sending stuff out to magazines. I got into dream markets (as you can see on my bibliography list ). I moved to another country–again. I founded an award for Mexican speculative fiction. I'm trying to do good by helping Clarion West as much as I can. I'm grateful for having the privilege of telling you about all of this. "Isn’t life exciting! Everything can change all of a sudden, and for no reason at all!" - Moomintroll ( Moominpappa at Sea ) * The world is burning, there's a pandemic, my country is ravaged by violence. Sometimes thinking about personal, tiny victories helps to go on.

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