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I was not going to write this post. And yet here I am. In a year like 2023 in which social media tried to make me believe that the SFF community is obsessed with wordcounts and productivity, I practically didn't write a single word. I didn't go into full grind and achievement seeking modes because I refuse to record numbers or quantify my creative process . I instead just did stuff which, seen from afar, doesn't seem as dismissible as I thought. What a surprise, uh? I saw the release of a magazine issue I  guest edited  alongside a very drear friend and writer extraordinaire - read a lot of short stories in Spanish to help bring  more great translated fiction  into our community, and since I enjoyed it,  I kept on doing it  - joined a very cool, but huge, video game localization project - listen to one of my favorite stories I've written  translated into my native language , and read one of the first to be translated into English  reprinted as part of a very cool anthol

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