I was not going to write this post.
And yet here I am.

In a year like 2023 in which social media tried to make me believe that the SFF community is obsessed with wordcounts and productivity, I practically didn't write a single word. I didn't go into full grind and achievement seeking modes because I refuse to record numbers or quantify my creative process. I instead just did stuff which, seen from afar, doesn't seem as dismissible as I thought. What a surprise, uh? I saw the release of a magazine issue I guest edited alongside a very drear friend and writer extraordinaire - read a lot of short stories in Spanish to help bring more great translated fiction into our community, and since I enjoyed it, I kept on doing it - joined a very cool, but huge, video game localization project - listen to one of my favorite stories I've written translated into my native language, and read one of the first to be translated into English reprinted as part of a very cool anthology - joined new projects - started an ambitious interactive fiction project that will take me a year to complete... Let's see what this year looks like, then.

Thank you dearly for reading my work. I'd be beyond thrilled if you consider it for awards, and I'd be over the moon if you share it with someone who might like it.


Lullaby for the Unseen | Weird Horror, March 2023 | Horror | 1200 words

"An exquisitely creepy little flash tale about a haunted house, the boy who lives there, and a girl who loves looking at the things she should not." - Vanessa Fogg

They Came From Beyond | Tree and Stone - Para el Pueblo, May 2023 | Magical Realism | 1200 words

A strange fog has invaded the four-times-heroic city of Puebla de Zaragoza. The local community reacts in the best way: with food, games and music.

    ✨INTERACTIVE FICTION (eligible for Game Writing categories)✨

Nostalgia took you back to your childhood home where your name was left behind long ago. It's up to you to re-appropriate that name, celebrate the one you have chosen, or encounter something else...

A story about identity, places to belong and how the search for them can be a little unsettling.


What Should Not Be Broken | Ex Marginalia, February 2023

"[...] having spoken in broken language as a migrant – now speaks of the fragility that society imposes on marginalized writers who can’t help but feel that everything is ‘‘only broken for you, and because of you.’’ But in speculative fiction came the realization that language is no more broken, that there are brand new worlds to play with." - Eugen M. Bacon for Locus

Thank you! 😸