For Your Consideration: Apparition Lit - Dread issue 2023

Lots of Spooky Recommendations For Your Literary Awards!

Last year, me and my sister in crime Eugenia Triantafyllou had the opportunity to be guest co-editors for the issue 21 of Apparition Lit magazine which was all about dread. Working alongside an amazing editorial team was a very fulfilling experience: I can't thank enough the guidance, patience and overall awesomeness showed by everyone involved in creating this issue of the magazine. We learned so much and had lots of fun. You can read our editorial here where we talked about the theme and the stories in more detail.

Since award nomination season is underway I wanted to use this opportunity to emulate what Eugenia already wrote in a more eloquent way and recommend you the amazing short fiction, poetry, nonfiction and art that are part of this issue made with love and... dread. Please, think about these pieces when filling out your awards ballots.

Remember that Apparition Lit is eligible for the BEST SEMIPROZINE category in the Hugo Awards! Please, think about this team that is not only bringing us amazing speculative fiction and poetry but are striving for a more diverse community. Bennett, Amy Henry Robinson, Tacoma Tomilson, and Clarke Doty, the magazine's senior editors, are also eligible for the EDITOR, SHORT FORM Hugo.





Apparition Lit - Issue 21: Dread (January 2023)
Art by Edith Silva

Thank you for reading Apparition Lit - DREAD! 😺