Friday, 30 December 2011

Future and Lovecraft

Is this the future, Lovecraft?

Future Lovecraft, the new Innsmouth Free Press anthology is out now. Well, it's been officially in the wild for a few weeks now so if you got a shiny eBook reader for Solstice, Christmas, Hanuka or whatever you celebrate go and buy it, also available in paperback format if you're more "traditional" (besides IFP print books are beautiful). So there's no excuse to keep your claws and/or tentacles away from this nice piece of lovecraftian reading.

"Tloque Nahuaque", my short story on the real nature of the Higgs boson and other weird math objects, is part of the TOC and you can read it here as a sample of the book.

On December 15, some of the anthology authors joined in conversation with our readers in a tweet-athon in which we talk about our texts, Lovecraft, brains in jars things of the like. As you can imagine, sanity decreased as time past, so it was a nice enjoyable chat. I even tried (just tried) to live-write a few flash fiction tweets which I transcribe here unedited (it was my first time doing that in English since it's easier for me look for variations and so on in Spanish, so let me know what you think):

There wont be flying cars in the future cities. Who needs them when you can have byakhees?

When they said eBook-reader, I thought they were talking about a robot who'd read to me before sleep... [as a footnote for the picture above]

The 2053 edition of Miss Universe was, at last, won by a non earthling: Miss Yuggoth shone that night in her fungal beauty.

"Racist!", she yelled and walked away notoriously angry. She'd been called clean human and no-gills, but scaleless was rude.

The customs officer told the Mi-Go its passport wasn't valid anymore. The planet of origin was now Pluto, not Yuggoth.

XXXII century kids blow 4-dimension soap bubbles. Sometimes a universe is created by the colision[sic)] of 2 iridiscent spheres.

The fortune teller said something about love-craft in my future. But an etsy enthusiasts fair? Really? No cultists?

Yes, Virginia, there is an Azathoth.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hunting the nocturnal moth. Not so brief notes on flash fiction

Writing about short fiction is like venturing into a misty uncanny field whose boundaries are blurred by the texts themselves, but forced to be rigid by the market. It’s been said that short stories, novelettes and novellas are not profitable, that they’re even a minor form of literature, a simple practice to achieve writing a novel —many publishers, editors and readers claim that—.

Some people think that the more words (therefore pages) in a book, the more valuable the text is because “writing more words requires a major effort than writing just a few words,” right? Some people tend to think that is better to pay 25 bucks for a 700-page novel than 15 for a 200-page short story collection since “they’re having more profit for their money,” right?

[No, it’s not right.]

Are people more interested on purchasing paper rather than literary works? The answer should be no, but no one knows. Fortunately, the growing eBook market is changing that idea, invigorating the short fiction in new, interesting ways.

Short narrative forms —as well as poetry, drama and novel— have been here for long and surely will last as long as readers exist. So why not use new ways to tell stories, entertain and create literature.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

To put it biefly, I had been writing all my life, and it was becoming a case of publish or perish.
Ursula K. Le Guin. "A Citizen of Mondath".


Real, proper posts soon.

Friday, 13 May 2011


This is a test post. 

Brought it to you by H. P. Lovecraft and a kitten.