Latine writers awards eligibility 2022 roundup

Inspired by A.C. Wise and Cat Rambo who have done similar roundups for years that have become a staple in our community, I decided to collect the awards eligibility posts of science fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction writers who identify as Latine (Latina, Latinx, Latino) in order to celebrate, share and enjoy our work.

I believe this kind of lists are great to remember our favorites of the year and to find great work that may have passed under our radar.

If you identify as a Latine author, please fill in this form. I'll update the list regularly. (I closed this form since we're past nomination time for most major SFF awards)

Want to see an example of this kind of posts? This is mine.

Here you can read more about speculative fiction awards: Nebulas, Hugos (including Astounding award for best new writer), Bram Stoker, Rhysling.

Every author in this list would be thrilled if you consider their work for your award nominating ballots, but reading and sharing what you loved is an amazing gift by itself. Thank you!

A.P. Thayer (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

Aleta Perez

Angel Leal

Arturo Serrano

Brazilian authors *

Cynthia Gómez (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

E.G. Condé (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Isabel Cañas

Matthew Olivas (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas

P.A. Cornell

Pedro Iniguez

Renan Bernardo

Ricardo Victoria

Sabrina Vourvoulias

Sarah Salcedo (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

Tania Chen (Astounding Award 2nd year of eligibility)

Valerie Valdes

Xavier Garcia (Astounding Award 1st year of eligibility)

* this is a collective post with several great names to read and follow