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2021 Awards Eligibility

This year, I have several short speculative fiction pieces and a related work that are eligible for awards. I'd be thrilled if you consider them for any. I'd also be super thankful if you take some time to read them and recommend them to someone who might like them. " Before the Haze Devours You "     ⎮    Lightspeed , August 2021      ⎮     1478 words Yunuen took a series of bad decisions that lead her to this painful moment. Alone and injured in a distant moon, she feels that her memories hurt more than her wounds. She has a plan, though it could be her last. Reviews and features:'s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction Quick Sip Reviews Charles Payseur's Some Queer Short SFF Book Club for Masochists' 15 Flash Fiction Books & 15 Flash Fiction Stories by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Colour) Authors Eugenia Triantafyllou's  An Incomplete List of Beautiful Stories (And Some Essays!) That Have Kept Me Company This Year (By Publicat

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