2021 Awards Eligibility

This year, I have several short speculative fiction pieces and a related work that are eligible for awards. I'd be thrilled if you consider them for any. I'd also be super thankful if you take some time to read them and recommend them to someone who might like them.

"Before the Haze Devours You"    ⎮    Lightspeed, August 2021        1478 words
Yunuen took a series of bad decisions that lead her to this painful moment. Alone and injured in a distant moon, she feels that her memories hurt more than her wounds. She has a plan, though it could be her last.

"Evelina, My Tentacles!"    ⎮    khōréō, August 2021    ⎮    2450 words
Rosaura is sending more than letters to Evelina. A whimsical and surreal epistolary journey through a weirdly changed world, a travel from the past, someone left behind, and jellyfish.

"Still Life with Vial of Blood   ⎮    Nightmare, September 2021    ⎮    1185 words
This is an art catalogue. This is also a warning.

"Send Feet Pics"    ⎮    Mermaids Monthly, September 2021    ⎮    1060 words
A dating app profile, a several-hundred-year-old mermaid, and slender-fingered axolotls. Photos and messages flow like water that echoes in songs about longing for something already lost as well as something that could be gone forever soon.

"install new_sun"    ⎮    Constelación Magazine, October 2021    ⎮    3965 words
When Vida is trying to hack into the drug cartel Los Jaguares’ servers seeking justice for her sister’s death, the Mexica god Quetzalcoatl appears in her computer. She does not want to believe him, yet she has no other choice but to make him her ally against the criminal group. Vida finds herself in the middle of an ancient conflict that is causing one of the bloodiest waves of violence in Mexico, so she will use her hacking skills to solve the gods confrontation and to be a good sister for once.
"Which Inland Waterways Merfolk Are You?"    ⎮    Mermaids Monthly, December 2021    ⎮    950 words
This piece was written in collaboration with S.R. Mandel. If you are so kind to consider it for awards, please make sure the byline mentions both of us ;)
An interactive quiz that links three flash pieces related names, family and encyclopedic knowledge about the lesser known mermaids of the world.

My Awards Eligibility post on Twitter is also eligible as Best Related Work for the Hugo Awards!
It's a series of tableaus that I made to recreate/illustrate all my eligible speculative stories using the Animal Crossing in-game photo booth.

Thanks for reading!